About Lazy Yatra

Founded by Two Avid Travllers in 2014, Lazy Yatra's MOTO is to make you feel lost. But not on the road and in the journey, but in the tranquility of the place or in the beauties of nature or in the sound of gushing waters of a waterfall or in the peaceful orange color of a sunset. The Plan is ours and The choice is yours.

Lazy Yatra's idea is to provide a journey which is relaxing and rejuveneting. The idea is to offers trips where we can spend more time in relaxing than packing and unpacking our bags. The Idea is to stay Lazy and shut the noises of crazies.

What matters to a traveller?

When we are doing business with an organization, few traits stops or encourage us to work with organization. We always give importance to such characterstics quite a lot.

  • - Transparency.
  • - Information.
  • - Commitments.
  • - Dedication.


We believe in transparency. Whether it is the hotel, the hotel's review & policies, destinations, we always propose transparent view & suggestions.

Any additional charges are, always, told upfront.


We usually start selling a destination after travelling it atleast once. It helps us understand the challenges and finding the solution. On top, we judge the destination with traveller's eye, so our point of view is more refined than locals over there.


We commit what we can provide. Whatever we commit, we provide the same. In case of natural calamities, we try to provide best possible alternatives and solutions.


We serve with complete dedication. During travel, a traveller can reach us any time during the day or the night. We are available 24*7.

Did we really fair?

Yeah, lot of words but did we really fair about the traits we mentioned. Though they are no accurate benchmarks to judge the same however we can certainly refer a few.

  • - 10K+ Travellers.
  • - 95% Positive Reviews.
  • - 73% References.

10K+ Travellers

Lazy Yatra has served 10K or more travellers and these travellers have showered the praises across many platform.

95% Positive Reviews

You can check our Reviews on all third party platforms. We are present at Google, Facebook, and Travel Triangle

73% References

Almost Three fourth of our travellers return to Lazy Yatra for their next trips or refer us to friends and family.

What's expected from traveller?

Yes that's correct. Lazy Yatra also expect a bit from traveller to experience the best out of the planning or trip.

  • - Expectations.
  • - Budget.
  • - Review Offer.
  • - On Time Information.


We can enjoy the trip best when we know the expectations from the trip. Everyone expects the trip must match their social status. However Lazy Yatra will not understand the expectation until told clearly.


Most of us do not want to reveal the budget, or we have mismatch between budget and expectations. Trust us, Budget it like a tinch of salt, in planning, for us to provide you best Package for your trip.

Review The Offer

Trust us, but not blindly. We did not meet in real life, so offering what suits you best may still be unknown. Review our offer, review the hotels in the offer, and decide.

On Time Information

Most travellers provide us information, but a few ignore the requests. Providing on time information is extremely important for us also.